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Thermana Laško is only 1,5 km from Apartments Urška and offers you wonderful spa facilities.
Guests of Apartments Urška receive up to 20% discount on selected services.
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Rimske Terme is only 8.5 km from Apartments Urška and offers a vast variety of spa services just perfect for relaxation.
Guests of Apartments Urška receive up to 30% discount on selected services.
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Hiking: Laško is surrounded by unspoiled nature and fresh air. There are plenty of hiking roots to explore.
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Biking: Laško has plenty of safe biking roots. Enjoy cycling surrounded by nature.
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Paragliding: For those more adventurous and not afraid of heights, go on an adventure in the sky. See Laško in a totally different perspective.
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Fishing: Even the clear blue waters of Laško offer something special. Fishing is an activity you can enjoy here.
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Laško is a place filled with culture, museums, history, and art. All different tourist attractions are just a step away from Apartments Urška.

You can visit:

  • Lilie family manor house
  • Jurklošter Carthusian monastery
  • Tabor Castle (10% discount on food for our guests at restaurant Pavus Grad Tabor)
  • Kislinger House & Museum Laško
  • Black bridge

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Tastes of Laško

Beer: Laško is famous for its beer. A perfect place for anyone who loves to drink good beer. In the bar order a glass of Laško!
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Thermal water: Laško even hides secrets underground. 160 meters below the city is healing Thermal water that you can enjoy in the city spa.
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Warmed cream: Slovenian specialty warmed cream with štrukej. In restaurant Grad Tabor, you can try this incredible dish.
Guests of Apartments Urška also get 10% discounts on food at restaurant Pavus Grad Tabor.
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Jurkloštr herbs: Monks of the Jurklošter Carthusian monastery used healing herbs. You can now discover herbalism through events and workshops in Laško.
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